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Meta Tokens is a Cryptocurrency over the decades, a new Cryptocurrency token that can be used in the virtual world where many projects want to make it a very promising coin.



Meta (M) is a virtual world built on the BSC blockchain where players can create, own and monetize their gaming experience.Meta (M) tokens are BC-20 utility tokens that  Used for value transfer including staking and governance. Current products on the Meta platform are: VoxEdit: voxel ASSETS generation software that can be converted to Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) and imported into the Marketplace. Marketplace: Distributed Marketplace.  Power for trading in-game assets created in VoxEdit Game Maker: a visual scripting toolbox that allows anyone to create 3D games for free, supply all tokens.  3,000,000,000 M

In this project we will use the money to build a virtual world and invest in the purchase of virtual land.  Anyone who holds such a coin will have the right to possess it.  Virtual land which we will start in the 2nd quarter of next year.

 And be able to buy a modern building construction model to put on the virtual land.

 For those who hold the coin will be able to use it in our mysterious place

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By holding the Meta Tokens you automatically earn more Tokens acceptable for every transactions, the Possibilities are endless but all outcomes reward the Brave, Bold, and the Strong.




December 2022 developer will bring all coins in meta network to Meta crypto bank and able to accept all crypto deposits in metaverse world with best and satisfying returns.

And then in January 2023, Meta crypto bank will release metaverse version of bitcoin, the most high-tech coin in the world, the most stable and advanced coin in the world, as a web 3.0 and co-working coin.  with  quantum computer

The More You Know

 Meta (M) is a collaboration between major social media giants and a tech group that wants to change the world of a new generation that will do a number of projects such as the soon to be the secret garden.  Fun with so many secrets, only this token can be accessed.

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For those who hold the coin will be able to use it in our mysterious place.
 Now there are investors who are interested both online and offline to invest in Dapp to support this project.

Around the 3rd quarter of next year and this project will bring land in places like New York, London, Tokyo, Hong Kong, Shanghai and convert it in nft format to enter the auction.

This coin was created and will be listed on famous exchanges such as  coinmarketcap coinGecko Binance FTX etc

 which the target after entering the trading board the target is 1 Meta and 1 dollar

In the 3rd quarter of this coin we will try to build as much of the coin ecosystem as possible.

For the pre-market phase, we will introduce ourselves by airdrop to attractive investors about 2.5 percent of all coins.

After the coin enters the crypto exchange around January 2022, the developer will upgrade the coin and a defi website to allow coin holders to go to the coin steak with the goal of 500%++ APR.

Around March 2022, after the coins have entered the cryoto exchange and staked on the defi website, 50 percent of the coins will be burned.

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We will create a new community in the virtual world where we will only accept the kindness coin holder, which we have made and drop to the celebrity in the clip world where everyone will have the opportunity to chat in the virtual world with  celebrities

For example, it is a retro community to play games in the 90s, there will be virtual TV screens and virtual game consoles of that era.  Popular games of that era such as Mario games and Contra games.

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